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Greece map

This ruin-rich land is characterized by bright sunshine, crystal clear Mediterrenean waters, olive groves and cypress trees.


Overflowing with archeaological treasures, you can easily feel the vibrations of a once great civilization; a civilization that worshipped gods and goddesses, held beauty and aesthetics in high esteem, and excelled in art, architecture and philosophy.


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View of Athens from the Acropolis

View of Athens from the Acropolis (Temple of Olympian Zeus at center)

Athens is a sprawling megalopolis...Noisy and very lively.
Motorcycles tear through the city day and night like chainsaws. So much for getting over my jet lag in a budget hotel in the heart of the city!

The Ancient Agora in Athens

The Ancient Agora


Ruins still stand throughout the city - it's pretty amazing!

The Ancient Agora in Athens

The Ancient Agora



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The Acropolis

The Propylaia - entrance to the Acropolis
Propylaia at the Acropolis - Looking left
The Parthenon at the Acropolis
The Erectheion on at the Acropolis
The Caryatids at the Acropolis
Back of the Erectheion at the Acropolis
Leaving the Propylaia
Temple of Nike at the Acropolis
The Acropolis as it may have once looked

The Propylaia (entrance to the Acropolis)


High above the hustle and grunge of Athens is the regal entrance to the acropolis, well worth the arduous climb to the top. I arrived at sunset for the beautiful golden glow.

The Propylaia - left side


Not yet at the top, and already a stunning view of Athens below...

The Parthenon


It must have been exquisite when first constructed eons ago...Now it's held together by scaffolding amidst slippery crumbled marble rocks.
Unbelievable how many women were at the sight wearing heels and clogs!

The Erectheion


Standing to left of the Parthenon is the Erectheion, which houses the beautifully sculptured Caryatids

The Caryatids


Aren't they lovely... These are actually replicas; the originals are kept safely nearby in the Acropolis museum.

Exploring the back of the Erectheion.
Too bad you can't go inside!

Exploring the back of the Erectheion.
Too bad you can't go inside!

Leaving the Propylaia


Even amidst scaffolding, the massive columns remain impressive...

Once exiting through the gigantic columns of the Propylaia, look over to your left to view the little box shaped Temple of Athena Nike (and note the stairway to nowhere) Makes you wonder what this magnificent site must have looked like centuries ago...

The Acropolis, as it may have looked centuries ago...


I created this 3d model to enhance your virtual tour. It's not really in the clouds, but the cloudplane does offer a heavenly quality...


More mystical images at


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Santorini looking south

Looking south

Santorini looking north

Looking north


Sky and sea blend into a beautiful blue infinity...

Santorini - cable cars take you down to the coast

Looking down


Cable cars take you up and down the side of the caldera.
What a blast!

Santorini - View of the islands

View from my hotel room (charming Hotel Loucas in Fira)


I was lucky to have my own little patio. What a joy it was to relax here in the afternoon sun with a good book and delicious falafel...

Santorini - Looking down

Looking down from the rim of the caldera...


The waters are so blue!

Fira shops and stores

Fira (main city on Santorini)


Snaking cobblestone walkways crammed with every shop and store imaginable. What a great shopping experience!

Beautiful sunset at Oia, located on the northern part of the island

Splendid sunset at Oia (a city on the northern tip of the island)


People gather here daily to view the sunset, complete with cameras and champagne. A perfect end to a perfect day...


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Delphi - looking down over the mountains

Up north, nestled in the mountains, is the Oracle at Delphi.


View of the Sanctuary of Apollo

The Sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi

The Sanctuary of Apollo against the lofty mountains

The Sanctuary of Athena at Delphi

The Sanctuary of Athena

Delphi - lovely mountain view

Lovely mountain view...

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