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Photos of England including Bath, Stonehenge and Salisbury

England is the fairytale land of Kings and Queens, Knights and Ladies; gallantry, chivalry, royalty, myth and legend...


Ruins of ancient castles, abbeys, and stone circles stand among endless green countryside as wise sages who've witnessed centuries of happenings - if they could only speak, what stories they would tell! Yet, this antiquity is tempered by the freshness of floral paradise, for exquisite flower gardens are everywhere to be seen.


In my ten day visit to merry old England, I explored primarily the South Central region: medieval Wells and Salisbury, Arthurian Glastonbury, Roman-built Bath, and of course mysterious Stonehenge.


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Wells Cathedral
Wells Cathedral
Wells Cathedral Courtyard
Wells Cathedral Courtyard


The awe inspiring, intricately designed Wells Cathedral










Wells Cathedral - view from the back









Courtyard in back of the Cathedral

Very medieval; fragrant with flowers and herbs. One of the loveliest places I've ever been





Another view of the Courtyard 

Outside a woman was singing 'Scarborough Fair'... I felt like I'd been transported to the 1500's...




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Glastonbury Abbey
Glastonbury Abbey
Glastonbury Tor
Glastonbury Tor
Glastonbury Tor
Glastonbury Tor
View from Glastonbury Tor
Chalice Well and Gardens
Chalice Well
Glastonbury, England

Glastonbury Abbey

This is one of the oldest Christian abbeys, built way back in 1184. Also the site where the supposed remains of King Arthur and Guineviere were found.





Even centuries later standing in ruins, the abbey exudes a strong spiritual power. It is said to have been built "so as to entice even the dullest minds to prayer". 
I have no doubt the intention was carried out successfully



Glastonbury Tor - the fairytale pathway to Avalon

Of all the magical places I've been, few have stayed with me like the Tor. Perhaps it was the electro-magnetic energy of the place, or the legends of this being the Isle of Avalon, or the breathtaking view from the top... 
Whatever the reason, if magic has a home, it is here



Climbing up the Tor, overlooking England's glorious countryside








The centuries old St. Michael's chapel stands atop the Tor - 518 feet above sea level








A peek through the doorway, to the countryside far below









The amazing view...

In the 2-1/2 days spent in Glastonbury, I climbed the Tor 3 times. Oh was it hard to leave this place!






Entrance to the Chalice Well and Gardens

There is a wonderful presence in the gardens - at one point I became lost in unintended meditation for half an hour...





Chalice Well - the 'Source'

This well is said to be the resting place of the legendary Holy Grail.








Only in the crunchy town of Glastonbury 

Believe it when you read it...!



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Walkway to Stonehenge
Stonehenge at Sunset
Stonehenge stones


Aerial view Stonehenge (from a postcard)






Approaching the site on a gravel path...

Today, the site is roped off so you can only get a few feet from the stones







Sunset at Stonehenge

Quite mystical indeed....







The stones up close

How and why these multi-ton stones were transported remains a mystery



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Salisbury Cathedral
World's oldest clock in Salisbury
Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury, England
Salisbury, England


Salisbury Cathedral and Close

This Cathedral was built long ago in the 1200's








The world's oldest clock

Housed in Salisbury Cathedral, the clock was built in 1386 as still works! (postcard)







While there, I took the tour up the narrow cathedral spire - winding and winding and winding up tight spiral stone steps...

This is the view from about halfway up the cathedral. 
Notice the forboding shadow....





Looking up...

I am deeply impressed with those brave souls that built this thing...






The Tudor streets of Salisbury 

This is such a fun place - There are buildings here that date back to the 1400's!






Hanging out in Salisbury



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Roman Baths in Bath, England
Roman Baths in Bath, England
Roman Baths in Bath, England
Cricket Gardens at Bath, England
Cricket Gardens at Bath, England
Victoria Gardens at Bath, England


Roman Baths - 1000 years old!

The charming city of Bath is best known for these impressive remains. 

Aside from this outside 'pool', walkways take you inside and underground to the inner workings of the baths. A must see for any visitor to Bath. I was so in awe, I visited this site twice...




Walking around the lower level 

To the ancient Romans, this was a high class spa






This is a miniature of what the baths may have looked like when first constructed. Very much like a small city






Cricket Gardens

Oh what a wonderful place this is! A colorful landscape of manicured lawns and fragrant flowers. If you look close, you can see a dolphin flower sculpture






Cricket Gardens' charming gazebo







Victoria Gardens, northwest of the city center

Heaven for any garden lover...


Map of England
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