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Photos of Arizona including Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell and Monument Valley

Monument Valley

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Monument Valley, Arizona
Monument Valley, Arizona
Monument Valley, Arizona
Monument Valley, Arizona
Monument Valley, Arizona
Three Sisters at Monument Valley, Arizona

This was the view from my hotel (Goulding's Lodge). Every room has a view!

I awoke before dawn to get this shot





Monument Valley is so magical...amidst flat desert stand these enormous buttes that seem to greet you

The 2 on the left are called the Mitten Buttes, and the one on the right is Merrick Butte






Same view, but a little later in the day








Sunset, like sunrise, is magical and has almost an other-worldly feel







Under a full moon, Monument Valley oozes power...











These peaks are called the Three Sisters. Although, to me, their energy felt more like father, child and mother.

Arizona was my home from 2004 to 2007. During that time I thoroughly enjoyed its miles of scenic hiking; its red rock formations pulsating with energetic vortexes; its ancient mesas, buttes and canyons; and of course, its endless sunshine.


Spring brings desert bloom, where the normally dry desert is lush with bright, beautiful colors. Summer's heat brings dramatic lightning, as well as powerful rainstorms after which everything sparkles magically amidst rainbows and sun rays. Autumn's crisp air brings foliage, where brilliant golds, yellows and oranges stand out against mountains and red rock. Finally, winter's sunsets set the sky ablaze with golds, magentas and reds. Truly, Arizona is a photographer's paradise!


Since I have so many photos of Arizona, I've separated them by region. Click on a region below to view:

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