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Map of Massachusetts Massachusetts was my home for over 20 years (was it really that long?)

You can never be bored in Massachusetts - every one of its many quaint town tells a fascinating story. Massachusetts is ever old with its history, ever new with its style and culture, and ever changing with every season.

Of the literally countless magical places in this great state, I've covered 2 of my favorite below: the city of Boston and the town of Salem.

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Once a place of horrendous persecution, Salem is now a brick-lined town crammed with new age bookstores, crystal shops and witch museums. Despite its horrible past, the energy here is uniquely mystical.
Salem Derby Square - the town center dating back to the 1600's.
Salem Another shot of Derby Square
Salem Salem Halloween in Salem - packed with monsters, ghouls and everything that goes bump in the night
Salem Pumpkins pumpkins everywhere...
Salem Salem Common

My favorite place in Salem - walkways criss-cross expansive manicured lawns; a stately gazebo stands near center. The walkways seem to follow ley lines, though I don't know for sure

Salem A look inside...
Salem Crow Haven Corner

The occult store formerly owned by Salem's Official Witch, Laurie Cabot.

Salem Salem Witch Museum

A fascinating museum - eerie lighting on wax figures illustrates the witch
trials of 1692. Unforgettable...

Salem Salem Witch Museum

This a postcard of one of the trial scenes

Salem Salem Witch Museum

Lit up on the floor is this haunting spiral displaying the names of those persecuted (postcard)

Salem Witch House

Another fascinating museum which re-enacts the trials. Underground
are the actual prison cells of the accused. Many have reported ghost
sightings; a figure in a cloak is commonly seen. I never spotted any
ghosts, but the place definitely gives you the chills...

Salem Cemetary

Many of Salem's original colonists are buried here, and is
therefore another place of ghost sightings.

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Boston Boston Skyline

It's amazing to think that back in the 1700's most of this land was
underwater. Ground was somehow stacked upon ground to bring the area above sea level.

Boston View of Boston from the John Hancock Tower in Copley Square. You can see the Mass Ave Bridge crossing the Charles River
Boston ..and looking to the right. You can see the Longfellow Bridge
and MIT across the River. The Charles River Park extends along the lower left, and in the lower right is the hatch shell where the Boston Pops performs for the 4th of July.
Boston View of the Boston Common
Boston Crossing the Mass Ave Bridge
Boston View of the Charles River from the Longfellow Bridge
Boston MIT's entrance to Killian Court.

One of my favorite places to relax - this manicured courtyard is beautiful and peaceful

Boston Charles River Park in early autumn.

On any sunny day you'll see cyclists, runners, rollerbladers, walkers, etc enjoying this stretch of land.

Boston Foot Bridge leading to the Charles River.

One of my favorite aspects of Boston is it's walkable - footbridges and walkways make the city a pedestrian's heaven.

Christain Science Center Christian Science Center

A must-see for any visitor to Boston. Smooth planes and repeating architecural patterns stand aside a long reflecting pool. Very peaceful and mystical - truly a haven in the center of the city.

Christain Science Center Christian Science Center

View from the other side of the reflecting pool. The site is so large, it's hard to capture all of it in one camera shot.

Christain Science Center Christian Science Center

Looking in the other direction

Boston Boston Public Gardens

One of the most beautiful places in downtown Boston, especially in the Spring when the manicured lawns are decorated with every fragrant flower imaginable. The statue is of George Washington.

Boston Boston Public Gardens

View of the pond framed by weeping willows.

Boston Boston Public Gardens

The pond from another angle. The colors of the surrounding shrubbery are beautiful.

Boston Boston Skyline in autumn's vibrant splendor
Boston Aerial Western Massachusetts from the air
Boston Boston's lovely skyline at sunset...
Boston ..and even better after a light shower

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